What Works, What Doesn't

Kevin Ampuero | 2022-02-24T17:37:38.130Z

This site has been running for a while now and I think it has been a nice outlet for posting. I was happy to be able to jump to a new tech (SvelteJS and SvelteKit) and create a basic site that is presentable and functional. There are things that work well and things I’d like to improve on.

What works

  • Blog creation is simple and outsourced to Netlify CMS for a repeatable experience that doesn’t require any coding
  • The design is simple and readable without too much going on - here are our posts, click to read, read, profit?
  • The site is fast… but it should be, it’s just a few static pages thrown together. Still nice though

What needs improvement

  • The search function was fun to wire up, but it lacks the ability to search blog content. Currently, it only filters on categories and blog titles
  • The design was the v1 product of a few iterations. It’s nice and unobstrusive, but still pretty plain
  • Blog entry is outsourced, which works perfectly well, but maybe there is room for learning by doing it ourselves?
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