Same Time Next Month?

Kevin Ampuero | October 26, 2022

Consistency is key. That’s why I consistently skip weeks of blogging. In all seriousness, it’s a hard habit to build when you don’t already journal or jot down notes with some routine.

I’m sure I am the first person to create a blog site and let it sit dormant for a few weeks (months). It comes down to the purpose of the site. I had a fun domain name that I could use, so I used it for this site and tried to make it serve a purpose that was true to the domain name. The reality is, this site was really a reason to try out SvelteKit (which has since completely changed it’s structure!) and a place where I could brain dump my thoughts or at very least distract myself from doing things I should be doing.

By that measure: mission accomplished! SvelteKit is amazing, fun, and new. Sometimes I look at it and get the urge to feel overwhelmed, but in practice I’ve found it to be a really elegant entry into JavaScript programming. Things make sense and I can make connections when I watch tutorials on YouTube.

Hey, maybe this is just something I do to throw some thoughts out into the world and play with new tech. That’s probably okay! Prolific blogger? Nah. A few hundred words off my mind? Absolutely.

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