Okay... So Now What?

iHQ | 2022-01-15T20:16:11.673Z

When we decided to go ahead with creating a blog site, I jumped into action. I’ve wanted to work on this project for a while and with a partner on board to be accountable to, I had just what I needed to push me forward.

I ping-ponged back and forth between PHP and JavaScript static-site generators, but finally landed on SvelteKit to power iHQ. This came with a learning curve, since I’ve never worked with SvelteJS or the SvelteKit framework before. I was leaning on the great reviews I had read about the framework and also allowing myself freedom to learn something new. After all, that is why we created this site.

A few weeks later, here we are. The site is live and actually works. Currently, we’re hooked up to Netlify CMS for our posts. A simple design and layout is in place. So… now what?

The intention is to give us an outlet to write posts like these. Brain dumps and just “Getting things off my chest,” type of posts that allow us to think out loud.

Sometimes it will be a rubber-duck session. This is where you explain an issue out loud to a rubber duck and hopefully gain some clarity in the process. In my case, I have a bobble-head Baymax on my desk that listens without judgement (❤️ u Baymax).

More to come, but for now, brain-dump one is officially in the books!

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